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An apple a day really does work: The flavonoid-rich fruit improves cardiovascular health, decreases risk of disease / Michelle Simmons - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
(Natural News) Apples once again show that they can keep the doctor away. A study has found that the flavonoid-rich fruit enhances cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of disease by improving endothelial function. Just eat it with its skin for more benefits. Past studies have shown that the...

World-first study links birth interventions and long-term childhood illness

Medical Xpress - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
A team of leading international researchers have found significant links between medical interventions used in the birthing process – such as caesarean section and induction – and a child's long-term health.

Swimming in the ocean off the coast of first-world countries found to increase risk of illness / Jessica Dolores - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
(Natural News) You’ve finally saved enough to enjoy that long-planned vacation by the deep blue sea. You dream of long days and nights feeling the soft sand on your bare feet, the gentle wind blowing on your face. Your snorkeling gear is ready. So, too, are your swimming paraphernalia, includin...

Global burden of low back pain—a consequence of negligence and misinformation

Medical Xpress - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
Ads from Inoreader • Remove A series of groundbreaking papers from Australian and international researchers in T...

Blood pressure-lowering treatment strategies based on cardiovascular risk versus blood pressure: A meta-analysis of individual participant data

PLOS Blogs / Kunal N. Karmali - - Reading time 20 mins - Share :
by Kunal N. Karmali, Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, Joep van der Leeuw, David C. Goff Jr., Salim Yusuf, Alberto Zanchetti, Paul Glasziou, Rodney Jackson, Mark Woodward, Anthony Rodgers, Bruce C. Neal, Eivind Berge, Koon Teo, Barry R. Davis, John Chalmers, Carl Pepine, Kazem Rahimi, Johan Sundström, on b...

Frozen embryos more successful for conceiving during IVF

Medical Xpress - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
A new study carried out by a research team at The University of Western Australia and Fertility Specialists of Western Australia has found that women undergoing IVF who have had embryos fail to implant have more success using frozen ones than fresh ones.

Platypus milk: How it could combat superbugs

BBC - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
Ads from Inoreader • Remove The weird semi-aquatic creature's milk could lead to the creation of a new type of a...
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Gun laws stopped mass shootings in Australia: New research

ScienceDaily - - Reading time < 1 mins - Share :
The odds of a 22-year absence of mass shootings in Australia since 1996 gun reforms being due to chance are one in 200,000, new research reveals.
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Mind the Gap: Closing the Distance between Research and Practice in Healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mothers

PLOS Blogs / rlockhart - - Reading time 4 mins - Share :
0000-0002-8715-2896 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers have almost double the risk of experiencing premature delivery and low birth weight as compared to non-Indigenous women in Australia, a fact which is indicative of disparities in

Fast food menu labelling hasn't made choices healthier, study shows

The Guardian / Australian Associated Press - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
‘When we assessed particular chains, it was really clear that there was no systematic change,’ researcher saysFast food sold in Australia is just as unhealthy as it ever was, despite the introduction of mandatory menu labelling, according to new analysis.A study by Cancer Council New South Wa...

Patients Like Hospital Care At Home, But Some Insurers Are Skeptical

NPR / Michelle Andrews - - Reading time 6 mins - Share :
Some health systems are encouraging selected emergency room patients who are sick but stable and don't need intensive, round-the-clock care to opt for hospital-level care at home, instead.(Image credit: Trina Dalziel/Getty Images/Ikon Images)

Sitting on a ticking time bomb: managing type 2 diabetes in a sitting-centric world

PLOS Blogs / Travis Saunders, Phd, MSc, CEP - - Reading time 9 mins - Share :
0000-0002-8715-2896 Today’s post comes from Dr Paddy Dempsey.  You can find more about Dr Dempsey’s work at the bottom of this post. To request copies of the papers described in this article, visit his profile

Australia could become first country to eradicate cervical cancer

The Guardian / Naaman Zhou - - Reading time 2 mins - Share :
Free vaccine program in schools leads to big drop in rates, although they remain high in the developing world • Ian Frazer: Eliminating cervical cancer globally is within reachAustralia could become the first country to eradicate cervical cancer, according to an announcement from the Internatio...

Fart-Sniffing Pill Reveals Secrets of the Gut

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Ads from Inoreader • Remove Your nose, mouth, skin pores and…other…body holes each serve their unique functi...

Peanut Allergy Treatment Works Long Term

The Scientist - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :
Four years after taking a probiotic and peanut protein for 18 months, two-thirds of children in a small clinical trial can eat peanuts with no health issues.
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The Guardian / Australian Associated Press - Peanut allergy researchers say they may have found key to a cure

Doctors Advice to Finish Antibiotics Overlooks Resistance

The Scientist - - Reading time 5 mins - Share :
There is little evidence that full treatment durations discourage the development of drug-resistant bacteria.

High levels of lithium in tap water linked to lowered rates of dementia

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(Medical Xpress)—A team of researchers from several institutions in Denmark has found what appears to be a link between the amount of lithium naturally present in tap water and dementia in the people that drink it. In their paper published in JAMA Psychiatry, the group describes how they tested...
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Why many Americans still don’t grasp smoking risks

Futurity / Milenko Martinovich-Stanford - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
Despite recognizing that smoking can lead to life-threatening diseases, many Americans still underestimate the risks. “Smoking is outlawed in public places in the US, and the number of people smoking has declined over decades,” says lead author Jon Krosnick, a professor of communication and ...
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Counterfeit reagents: Fake serum has telltale fingerprint

Nature - - Reading time 1 mins - Share :

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Baby boomers' drink and drug misuse needs urgent action, warn experts

The Guardian / Nicola Davis - - Reading time 3 mins - Share :
Ads from Inoreader • Remove By 2020, the number of over-50s receiving treatment for substance misuse problems is...

Scanning your brain can predict what will happen in the future

New Scientist - - Reading time 4 mins - Share :
Can neuroforecasting predict the next election result or market crash? Analysing activity in a part of our brain can predict things that haven’t happened yet